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Here’s What You Need To Know About Salt Lake City’s First Food Hall

While HallPass is technically still in the soft opening phase, it’s already a red hot hit and a big boost for the formerly struggling mall it calls home. It’s no shocker that the traditional retail and restaurant landscapes have shifted dramatically in recent years. Consumers shopping online and diners going for delivery have fueled the continued development […]

SkinnyFats Lets You Eat Healthy or Indulge…

Sometimes you want to be healthy, and sometimes you don’t. SkinnyFats, West Village’s newest eatery, has you covered no matter what you choose. This Las Vegas-based restaurant pioneered the two-sided menu, with one side featuring “happy” indulgences and the other focused on “healthy” alternatives. In fact, this menu layout is a registered trademark of the […]

The Healthy Restaurant Everyone Is Talking About In Your State

Nevada: SkinnyFATS With the motto “Live Healthy, Live Happy,” SkinnyFATS believes in treating your body right but also having fun while eating. They divide their menu between items under 600 calories and items that, well, aren’t—but guests get the info they need to make smart choices and still get to indulge. In addition to fresh […]

20 Brands To Watch

Sometimes you want to eat healthy. Other times, well, not so much. Whatever your cravings, Las Vegas-based SkinnyFats has you covered. The extensive menu, which includes allday breakfast, tacos and “things in bowls,” is split into two sections. Each dish has a version on “the healthy side,” which is 600 calories or less, as well […]