‘SkinnyFats’ a treasure among local restaurants.

On the corner of Warm Springs and Durango, a new restaurant has popped up that flaunts a funny name and enticing food: SkinnyFats. The restaurant is based on “Happy” and “Healthy” menus, the first containing menu items that are yummy, but may leave you with a guilty conscience, and the second being delectable and vegetable-packed.

The moment my guests and I entered the restaurant, the relaxed environment and colorful, home-y decor made us feel comfortable and welcome. Covered in different shades of wooden panels and stainless steel, the main counter area had paper menus as well as sleek-looking menu screens. A television on the side wall showed off a local news channel, and smiling faces behind the counter gladly took our orders.

Despite the restaurant dealing with the slowing lunch rush hour, our orders were finished in an impressive 15 minutes and we did not feel crowded at all, most likely due to the patio outside the restaurant that allowed for a more open seating area. Among the three of us, we decided to sit at the tall section of tables in the middle of the establishment, which faced a booth area against the wall and small tables littered with lovingly worn purple chairs.

My order came out first; the Bomb Diggity is a sourdough bread sandwich filled generously with bacon, lettuce, tomato and lemon herb aioli with a side of sweet potato fries. For $9, the sandwich was a hefty portion, and the fries ($3.50) came in a surprisingly large dish as well. SkinnyFats seems to have mastered mixing sauces and spices because the Bomb Diggity truly lived up to its name with a unique crunchy and savory taste.

The next item ordered was the Vegwich for $10. Along with all of the items coming in generous sizes, they had beautiful plating and superb presentation (for once, the pictures on the menu actually match the real thing!) This unique sandwich packs portobello mushrooms, avocado, cherry/banana peppers, spinach, tomato and horseradish yogurt between two perfectly toasted slices of nine-grain bread. While this sounds like an eccentric mix, the ingredients somehow blended together to create a healthy food item that had a crunchy yet chewy texture with plenty of flavor. The only downside was that the mushrooms were slightly overpowering.

Last, but not least is the Meltdown; for $12, this sandwich had two one-fourth-pound beef patties, caramelized onions, provolone/cheddar and spicy aioli between two slices of sourdough. The meat was juicy and cooked to the perfect tenderness, complementing the crunch of the caramelized onions. As a side we also ordered Truffle Fries ($3.50), which were a warm and yummy break between bites of our sandwiches.

The overall vibe of SkinnyFats is cheerful and airy, and the food itself is beyond impressive. While the meals range from $4 to $12, they are worth every penny and stand out as unique when compared to other restaurants. Having a theme of “Happy” and “Healthy” menus also make this establishment singular in its style, and I came out of this experience with a new favorite eatery on my personal list.