Vegans Be Like

Going For the Healthy Side at Skinny Fats

Skinny Fats is a new eatery located on Dean Martin Dr. in the front of an industrial complex between Russell and Warm Springs.  Even though it has not been open very long, it is drawing good crowds of people into their small and brightly decorated location.  I made it a point the other day to stop in and find what I could possibly eat on the healthy side of the menu.  I doubted there would be much on the other side of things.

The menu is basically split in half between the “Healthy” and the “Happy” sides.  Basically, the Healthy side, in theory at least, might be less in calories and offering some things that would not immediately clog the arteries.  They Happy side will just feed the notion that it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as you are happy.  The good news for the those seeking a purely plant-based meal is that there a few things for breakfast. lunch, or dinner that you can choose from to build a meal with minimal massaging of the contents.

I was there for lunch so I started out with the Hot-mame, chili-garlic dusted edamame with a soy-lime sauce on the side.  I probably could have had two bowls of these.  Very fun.  I also went with the Buddhas Law salad with chopped cabbage, red onion, shaved carrots, celery, sliced  almonds, and pieces of chopped mango.  It is drizzled with a carrot ginger vinaigrette that you will want to pass on because it has a dairy base, like most of their dressings.  It was actually very good and flavorful without, but you could also ask for a lemon juice or balsamic splash on it.

The best part of Skinny Fats is the fresh cold-pressed juices they offer.  I had the Summer Quench with cucumber, celery, and lemon.  They offer some others with names like Hangover Remedy, Mr. Green, Beet It, and Liquid Defense, but you can also customize your own juice drink or shake with a variety of veggies and fruits that they offer.  I would stop by here anytime for one of these juice drinks.  It is no wonder why they are getting so many people coming by Skinny Fats already because there is nothing like this located in this mostly industrial area.  My only hope is that the demand for Healthy side of the menu will grow and expand so that people will realize you can be healthy, happy, and compassionate at the same time.